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What we do. Briefly.

Sorry as a Service is a one-of-a-kind platform that allows companies to minimize any damage from a faux-pas, and express their human side by making their customers happy with physical personalised delights. The gifts are sent through the good ol’ post at the touch of a button with our technology.

In essence, we turn your customer’s complaints into revenue through apologies sent out by us on your behalf. You point to the unhappy customer and we take care of the rest.

Meet The Founders

Martin McGloin


Martin is a founding member and the CEO of Sorry as a Service. The Norwegian-Irishman spends his time unlocking the potential of customer complaints, and how to turn complaints into pleasant experiences for both the customer and the customer service agent.


Sabine Sipunova


Sabine is a founding member and the COO of Sorry as a Service. The latvian entrepreneur is the creative force which drives the company onwards and upwards through engaging relationships with our suppliers which provide handcrafted and personalised items in all shapes and sizes.


Indrek Poldvee

Head of Sales

Indrek is a founding member and the Head at Sales of Sorry as a service. The estonian can-do attitude shines through and his experiences from living and working in India and Nepal never cease to lose the grasp of anyone listening.


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Estonian World article

Estonian World

If you need to say “We’re sorry, we messed up” to your customers, now there’s company, founded in Estonia, that helps you do it.

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