Come join us — Sorry as a Service is looking for a B2B Sales Executive!

We are offering an exciting new opportunity for a competitive and results driven B2B sales person living in Tallinn, Estonia. Ideally you are a native English speaker, or have previously lived in the UK. Is there room for you here? Is there room for you here? The role will be crucial in powering our aggressive expansion in the UK, helping to identify companies to work with, getting in touch, and helping them onboard onto our platform. You would be working with our sales team, and directly with our friendly head of sales, Indrek. Expectation is that the role will involve into a managerial position, as the team grows.

You will be supported by a very experienced and rapidly growing team! This is a great opportunity to learn in a fast growing startup with a presence already in the Europe. We recently took part in one of the best accelerators in the world, Techstars London 2015. We are excited to share our knowledge and learn from you too.

What your time on our team will look like:
  • Evolve into an expert in B2B sales, how to manage clients, build relationships and hustle like crazy
  • You’ll mostly focus on outbound to build and maintain a strong pipeline of qualified opportunities using leads provided, and by creating your own leads
  • Get to use creativity to try out different go-to-market and prospect approaching strategies. We have sent cards, cakes, cookies and even puppies to impress clients!
  • Work with our team to find prospects to target and approach them
  • Have conference calls with prospects to understand their business, show them the value we can bring, teach them how to double their profits with the same customer base
  • Close and onboard new clients in the future
  • Fast moving environment, learning from your customers, give feedback to developers make sure everything is evolving
  • Experimenting new sales approaches
  • Track it all. We use cloud CRM and email tracking tool to always measure and improve productivity
What are we looking for:
  • Native Level English speaker
  • Can do attitude, with positive thinking, a real hustler
  • Ability to be teachable, creative and learn in a fast-paced environment
  • A hard-working and confident individual
  • You have a strong desire to learn and are open for feedbacks/inputs to improve your skills
  • Ideally, experience in sales (B2B), but not necessary, as we will give you the support, if you have the right attitude
  • You are a ridiculously ambitious with the drive to make big things happen
What you will get:
  • Opportunity to work in a fast-growing startup
  • Stock options after successful trial period
  • Work side-by-side with positive, hard-working and ambitious people
  • Opportunity to develop and learn new skills
  • Regular trainings with B2B expert
  • Estonian language courses in Estonian Business school
  • Regular new sales and customer service books, to learn new techniques
  • You will play a key part in an exciting international growth journey.
  • Extra points for letting your creativity shine in the CV ;)

Starting time: Early 2016! We keep looking until we find the perfect person.

Sorry as a Service is a customer platform that enables businesses to send physical apologies, thank yous, welcome presents etc, measure, track and optimise their retention activities and reduce churn and negative sentiment.

We are scaling the unscalable - personal attention.

We are a dynamic team across four offices in Tallinn, Tartu, Riga and London, so expect some travelling.

If you are excited about what we are doing send us an e-mail to along with your CV by 05.01.2016.

Let’s Get Physical: Delighting Customers in a Digital World

Customer experiences can soon lose meaning when every brand is following the same playbook. With digital marketing an essential part of most brands service delivery, those experiences can easily seem generic, therefore forgettable.

Digital experiences slip through our fingers and out of our memories all too easily.

We can hold onto printed photographs, but Instagram and Facebook images soon fade behind algorithms and the latest cat meme. We are more likely to keep coming back to printed images, in albums and frames, because the physical has a stronger pull, back into the moment the photo was taken.

A Digital Disconnect

Our memories are shaped by our environment and people in our lives; touch, taste, smell, sound. Our senses create the layers of recollections. Within a digital world, those senses don’t come into play. On social networks, we laugh, we cry, we get annoyed, we sympathise, we share images, emojis, videos and well wishes, but we don’t hold one another, we don’t run, walk or taste.

For that reason, customer service over Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, will always lack that human connection we experience in person or over the phone. Social media has made engaging with brands more convenient for customers, whilst reducing costs, but this has come at a price.

According to a 2014 UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) from the Institute of Customer Service, customer satisfaction fell to 77.1 (out of 100), from 78.2 in 2013. New figures, for 2015, are currently being compiled. At the same time, this has been during an increase in social media as a key customer service channel. This survey was conducted within the “context of brand advocacy and sentiment – all of which is driven by social networks.”

The figures for 2014 showed a decline in 12 of 13 sectors in the UK. Jo Causon, CEO Institute of Customer Service said, “organisations need to recognise that the customer service experience they deliver is increasingly important in customers’ buying decisions. Those organisations that focus on differentiating through customer service are well placed to achieve sustainable performance.”

Differentiate With Physical Delights?

Tweets are forgotten; hashtags are yesterday’s news and a Like doesn’t last forever. There’s nothing tangible when it comes to digital customer service. The human connection is more often missed than made.

But something more personal, a physical gift, something that shows your brand cares: that stands out. Flowers, chocolates, a handwritten note, whether you are saying sorry or encouraging a customer to stay with you; a material gift goes a lot further than an interaction on social media.

Consider the cost of small meaningful gifts, such as a box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers, compared to higher churn and reduced revenue. Clients using Sorry As A Service have already seen a 34% improvement in complaint retention rates, giving them an ROI of 3.2 compared to verbal apologies. Nothing says we are sincerely sorry like a handwritten card. Gifts are an effective way to show you care, to empower front line staff to show your customers how much they mean to your business.

Sorry As A Service in San Francisco — Wanna meet?

Sorry As A Service has been on an incredible journey last weeks, and one of the highlights outside the Techstars accelerator was participation in BT Infinity Labs Challenge, which brought an amazing opportunity - visit of San Francisco, the legendary land of startups.

Just landed and already feeling the vibe of ambition and innovation here. Excited to meet lots of new people in the conference and get very caffeinated after that while grabbing coffees with some exciting startup founders.

If you happen to be in San Francisco, let me know!

Walking the plank at Pirate Summit — and winning!

CEO Martin took to the pitching stage at Pirate Summit, beating over 70 other startups (including two from TechStars Berlin(!) in Cologne last week.

Though, the best part was a twitter storm created whilst the judges were deliberating. A competing finalist was informed via SMS that his AirBerlin flight was cancelled, he promptly got up on stage and encouraged the audience to retweet his Sorry as a Service recommendation to AirBerlin (138 retweets!):

Even more awesome was a response endorsement from Mr SaaS himself, Jason M. Lemkin (!

Designers — come join us in London!

We are looking for someone to join us in London - if your face could fit in the oval, fill in the form below!

Is there a space for you in this picture?

Part time / Freelance Designer - London, Clerkenwell

Sorry as a Service, who are you?

Sorry as a Service is rethinking how companies delight and retain unhappy customers. Powered by CRM and helpdesk software integrations we make sorries awesome. We are currently based in TechStars London, and growing our UK and Estonia teams. We are a diverse team, including a Latvian, a Norwegian Irish-man and a couple of Estonians, with many more crazy and exciting ideas to come.

So, who are we looking for?

We are looking for someone who would make us look beautiful from every angle. We are particularly excited to talk with someone who has a good eye for design and could step into our users’ shoes when designing. You have web-design experience of creating easily understandable and beautiful screens. You appreciate the responsibility of being the owner of our visual identity throughout our marketing materials, and we will be very happy to hear your creative ideas of how to evolve it.

We need someone, who would join us as a freelancer, who could spend about 10 hours per week for us, but would love to be with us in a long term. Therefore, could easily be combined with studies or other gigs. Estimated salary rate 7 pounds/per hour.

It would be great if you identify with the below:
  • You master Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator (better yet, Sketch - we like Sketch!)
  • You have an experience with web-design
  • You have a good sense of taste and you are following the freshest trends in design
  • You feel comfortable to do wireframing from time to time
What will you get?

Of course you will get a salary, but most excitingly we are inviting you on a journey - we are a young company with exciting early traction with ambitions to expand across the Baltic, UK and EU. We have a central London office (Clerkenwell), which is shared with the other great teams in the TechStars London ‘15 cohort. If you are curious about working within the startup world, being within one of the best accelerators out there is a great place to start.

SaaS ❤ TechStars: Week 1

Our first week at TechStars is coming to an end, and it is time to reflect on the whirlwind of a week. Last weekend Sabine, Indrek, Siim and myself sacrificed the delights of a Nordic summer for an intense summer of accelerating Sorry as a Service to the next level with a UK entry. We will be working intensely over the coming months to improve our product and prepare it for a public launch later this summer (If you are a UK based company wanting to join our ongoing beta - please get in touch!)

I’d like to share our first week in TechStars in pictures:

The first thing that meets you as you enter the TechStars floor in Warner Yard, a co-working space run by PlayFair capital, is the large countdown timer ticking down to the October 13th demo days…

Tick-tock-tick-tock - the countdown timer to the TechStars demo day on October 13th is ominously counting down

On our first day we found our team’s desks, were we were greeted by a welcome gifts of tote-bags, t-shirts, and a study-book pack (Venture Deals (by Brad Feld & Jason Mendelson), Do More Faster (Brad Feld), Startup CEO (by Matt Blumberg) ). Someone must have warned TechStars, because Siim and Indrek got desks in a corner behind a shielding wall.

Indrek and Siim settling in - it will be cosy in their cubicle

With the awaiting t-shirts in our welcome pack, we were not slow to see a selfie opportunity, and wandered out to the the quaint streets of Clerkenwell with our selfie stick for a quick snap before the programme kicked off. The photo got good exposure the next day as the headline image in an Arctic Startup article about us.

Max Kelly, the new TechStars MD, gave us a warm 2 hour welcome talk, including a lot of practicalities (and homework!).

It feels a little bit odd to be part of The 1%...

After the welcome talk we hit the streets of London for an afternoon of indecipherably hard clues in the legendary TechStars Treasure Hunt.

Martin's Team Ravenclaw posing with a member of the royal family for bonus points in the Treasure Hunt

My team was leading for the first 4 clues, arriving way before any other team to Buckingham Palace.

That was until Clue 4 brought us waaaaay off track with this clue found in front of Winston Churchill on Parliament Square…

Are you smarter than our team - where should we have gone to find the next clue?

We went to St Pancras railway station after some complicated and rushed reasoning - think you would do better? Email me the correct London location with your postal address and I’ll send you a yummy surprise.

Sabine and Kaili (from Estonian Deekit) were in the winning team!

Meanwhile, Sabine together with Kaili from Estonian Deekit won the competition not by speed, but slowly and confidently gathering bonus points - collecting videos with foreigners saying ‘Minerva is the best team’ in their languages, all together collecting 33 videos with 21 different languages. Turtles team won the rabbits. Again. Their prize was an enviable hug from Tak Lo, the TechStars Director.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were long days we spent figuring out some fundamental product strategy choices, and preparing for our Friday 2 hour deep dive with the TechStars team. Thursday evening was the traditional Founder Talks, where TechStars alumni come in and talk about their experience during and after the programme, followed by a full programme pub visit. Of course I had my selfie stick with me!

The whole TechStars London Fall '15 cohort at the pub!

riday 2hour deep dive - courts of Kaili from Deekit.

Going deep - the team in a 2 hour deep dive with Max, Jon, and Ben scrutinising our lives and our team

Despite all of this excitement, the highlight of the week was actually welcoming Riina to our team!

Riina is a bubbly and energetic character, and very photogenic!

Riina is joining us part-time as an account manager, as she is energetically involved with many exciting projects in Estonia, and will make sure things keep running smoothly in Estonia whilst most of us are in London. Welcome Riina!

Although this brings the Sorry as a Service team to 7 members, we still have room to grow in Estonia and London - we are looking for a design capable front-end developer. Send us an email and let’s meet for a coffee or Skype - founders [a]

— penned by Martin McGloin

Warming up our new office

We warmly invite you to have a coffee with us…. or a cake or glass of wine. Why? Because we can :) We have a new office in a lovely neighborhood in Kalamaja, Tallinn and would love to have people over who would like to discuss a bit about the future of customer relationships or about how do you apologize for your mistakes or if you like to… maybe about the latest movie you saw in the cinema.

We already had a couple of people visiting us yesterday. Thanks to all came by to warm up our new little office and spent some time with us. You know - great ideas are born when you escape your daily routine and we got some great ideas from you. If you want to know what kind of ideas - come back to this blog, because we will keep you posted about our great plans and hopefully even greater achievements in the future!

Indrek receiving our diploma and roses together with second place Heels OÜ and third place Sõsar OÜ

Winning the Eurovision of Creative Businesses

Something awesome happened in middle of June for us. We took part in the Estonian Creative Business Cup challenge, which is considered by some to be the ‘Eurovision’ for creative entrepreneurs. We were one of the lucky seven finalists chosen to pitch our idea to a very experienced jury, including Andrei Korobeinik, Yrjö Ojasaar, Ragnar Siil, Urmas Reikop, Ülle Pihlak and Rait Arro.

After hearing all the pitches, everybody including us were surprised to hear Sorry as a Service announced as the winner of this precious award. We will now represent Estonia in the finals held in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 17-19 of November. There will be more than 60 countries competing.

We want to thank Creative Estonia for organizing this event, the jury for believing in us and all the other great startups that were in the competition. We also want to thank Estonian Business School for the prize of 30 credits for free courses next semester for the team - we have already found some exciting courses on offer that will help us further grow our company.

You can read more about the challenge here:

PitchPidu — Startup Wise Guys Pitching Day

On Friday we had our Startup Wise Guys ‘graduation’ where our whole cohort pitched and at Vaba Lava in front of a 200+ audience of investors and supporters. This marked the end of the accelerator period of Startup Wise Guys, in which we have had the immense pleasure of being mentored by 44 (yes, I counted) excellent mentors and advisors flying in from as far away as San Francisco and Singapore. We have also been introduced to countless investors and VCs. Our gratefulness to SWG and the immense value they have added our business deserves a much longer post.

We were the first company to pitch. We saw a great opportunity to use the pitch to ask for the participants votes for us to be amongst the Top14 at Arctic15, and we left a small ‘apology’ under each seat for asking for the vote. We’ll find out tonight whether we are in the finals or not.

Vote — We are Top30, help us get to Top15

Arctic15 just announced the Top30 start-ups in the Nordics and the Baltics - guess who is there, and now needing YOUR HELP to become the Top15.

Please vote for ‘Sorry As A Service’ here :