Why Personalisation Matters

Personalisation and empathy in gifting adds value and sincerity to your actions. Wronging the wrong customer without making amends may cost you your company.

Be Genuine

Nothing conveys feelings of indifference more than generic gifts without any meaning or story behind them. Imagine after arguing with your spouse you feel like you were (as usual) wrong, and you want to make it up to your spouse by apologising with a gift. What would work best, gas station flowers with a generic pre-made card, or handpicked flowers with a handwritten card? The difference is night and day. Use the opportunity to strengthen your relationship by showing that you care and that you truly are sorry for whatever happened.

Things Always Go Wrong

This same principle is true for all gifting, be it diplomatic relations, personal relations, business relations or customer relations. The best customer service contains sincerity, empathy and personalisation. Things go wrong all the time for an infinite amount of reasons, and the way to repair the damage is to make the wronged party feel like that they are cared about, listened to and that they see sincere actions to mend the broken relationship. When a customer is made to feel like just another sheep in the herd, they notice.

Be Prepared

Righting a wronged customer can be much cheaper than simply compensating them for their troubles with money. When a wronged person realize that the person who wronged them feel sincere regret and wish to make amends, they tend to forgive, and a stronger relationship will form. Being proactive is key. Having a plan, or preferably a system in place before the damage is done, and when the inevitable occurs, you’re ready.