How to Resolve the Unresolvable

Imagine for a moment, the worst possible experience a customer can have interacting with your business. Be creative and think how every point of interaction will fail them in the worst possible way. The website is not responding, they are overcharged, they have to deal with slow responses from your customer representatives, improper grammar, rude phone calls, failed deliveries, you name it. Feels bad just to think about it doesn’t it?

Save Your Name

Our question here is: Is it fixable? Can you even hope for repeat business from a customer who has gone through all of the above and more? Can you prevent this customer from dragging your good name through the dirt? That one customer will not only cost you their business, but all their friends business and whoever listens to them through social media. Pissing off the wrong customer can cost you your whole business.

Don’t Let the Cat out of the Bag

First of all, don’t let the cat out of the bag! The situation is fixable as long as you act quickly, sincerely and appropriately. Trust is immensely difficult to regain once it’s lost. Before the moment arises, make sure you have a system in place capable of disarming the situation at the root. At the first sign of an unsatisfied customer, set the system in motion and go above and beyond in regaining their trust and respect.

Show them that you empathise with their issue and make up for whatever hardship you put them through, even if you feel it isn’t really your own fault! Doing this will not only diffuse the situation, but will turn them from unsatisfied customers to loyal ones. Who wouldn’t come back to do business with someone who goes beyond the line of duty to maintain their reputation. It shows that you actually give a damn about them!