Building the Best Customer Service

Simply hiring the best candidate is not always enough. They need proper training and supervision in order to represent your company. The training comes in more ways than courses, pamphlets and listening to recorded calls. Have your team working together whenever possible in order to synergize their vision, prioritizations and focus. Having your team learning to work together will educate them in your company’s culture and how your teams deal with problem solving. For every tool you require your teams to use, make sure they know how to use them to their full extent in order for them to complete all their tasks from start to completion

The Toolbox

The right tool in the right hands can build skyscrapers, but the wrong tools in the right hands make for a frustrating experience for everyone involved. Being a decision maker, this responsibility falls on you. Making an educated choice is hard work and will require honest insight about the challenges you choose to focus on. Whether it’s communication, sales or customer service, you need to specify your problem and make sure that the tools you choose are created to solve your specific problem. Just think about what kind of screwdriver you chose for a specific kind of screw. Sometimes you have it in your toolbox, other times you have to go down to the hardware store and get the right screwdriver.

Stand Out

This is where your choices start bearing fruit. Having excellent customer service is one of the best ways to increase retention. Standing out from the competition is not easy, but serving your customers the best customer service will serve you better when offering similar products and services as your competition. Reaching out to your customers in a sincere and personal way creates a lasting bond that the customer remember and tell their friends and family about. Establishing a personal connection with your customer is not limited to thanking them, apologizing or wishing them happy birthday. Just think about what’s more special for you, receiving a birthday card from someone you don’t talk to very often, or to receive a card out of the blue saying thanks for being in someone’s life.