How You Should Touch Your Customers

Are you touching your customers? How do you like to be touched by companies? When looking to get that personal touch that CEO’s are always ranting about, an email or chat-bot simply won’t be enough. The best way to touch someone and give them a sense of value is being face- to-face with them. However, many companies never actually see their customers as anything other than their customer ID, or just their name on a form. The best way for these companies is to touch their customers through the phone.

Don’t be mistaken, the phone is not outdated. There is a very good reason companies are investing a lot of money into their customer service departments, or outsourcing that service to call centers. Customers want to touch you over the phone. Other than being face-to-face with your customer, the phone call is the only real alternative to create a meaningful and memorable experience. The tricky part is the execution.

You don’t want to shove or push your customers, you just want to touch them. Caress them with empathy for their issue, and wow them with swift repair of your relationship, making it even stronger than it was before. Every time the phone rings is an opportunity for your brand to grow, and to create loyal customers. Make it your company’s goal to exceed any expectations you’ve set for you customers. Allow yourself to be touched by your customers, and when it’s time to touch them back, do it properly!