Yes Shep, That Dress Does Make Your Butt Look Big

We at Sorry as a Service love reading customer service related articles and blogs. We have some favorites, one of them being Shep Hyken’s Customer Service Blog. He is clearly an authority in his field. However, we have some comments regarding his post “Does This Dress Make My Butt Look Big”.

Shep, we 100% agree with you that honesty is the best way when dealing with customers. Lying to a customer is the equivalent of spitting on them… But in the same way we tell our wives that “that dress looks like it shrunk a bit in the washer” or how we tell our husbands that “honey, I love your beard, but you’re starting to look homeless”, it’s all about HOW we say it.

It’s amazing what we can say if we say it with empathy. Understanding that facing the truth may be an uncomfortable experience, and showing that we want to help the customer in any way we can, and that the customer feels that we emphasize with them is what customer service is all about. So all in all mr. Shep Hyken we agree completely with everything you wrote, we just felt the need to point out the importance of the execution when telling the truth!