Why does my remote have 50 buttons?

After recently taking a peek at my remote control, I was left dumbfounded as to the need for so many buttons. All I use it for is turning the TV on, off, changing some channels, and adjusting the volume. All of this can be achieved easily with just five of them.

Sure, some people like to get fancy with adjusting their brightness, backlight, gamma, and even sharpness. Once in a blue moon, so do I. But considering how often I actually change those settings I don’t actually need the gamma changing functionality on my remote. Why don’t they just let us change these extra settings physically on the TV with physical buttons and just leave our remotes in peace?

What I’m trying to get at is that adding features to something built to make our lives easier may actually be counter-productive and overly complicate things. Remember the last time your parents or grandparents asked you to help them just make a call on their phones? All these glorious features on their phone just confuse the hell out of them and create more work for everyone around them.

Creating tools that make someone’s life easier requires keeping things simple and straightforward. Maybe some just need to accept the bittersweet pill that most users will never utilize every function your product has to offer?

Moral of the story: More functions does not equal better functionality.