Kevin, what is your name?

Kevin is getting annoyed at companies sending him surveys. He has no problems answering them, it’s just that they keep asking him questions that they already have the answer to. Last week, Kevin received an email from a car rental company he used when he visited his family back home. “Oh jolly good!” Kevin thought, “Finally I can share my valuable feedback with this company so they can improve!”. But alas, Kevin was deeply disappointed. This is how the email looked:

Hello Kevin!

Would you please help us improve our service by answering 4 short questions about your experience with us?

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your email address?
  3. At which office did you pick up your rental car?
  4. How satisfied were you with the quality of our service?

Thank you for your time!

Even Kevin knows how valuable customer feedback is for companies in order to improve. But why would a company ask questions that they already possess the answer to? Wasting a customer’s time will only annoy them, and by the time they reach your most important questions, they are too frustrated to even complete the survey! Certainly this rental company already knows Kevin’s name, considering they wrote “Hello Kevin!” and certainly they know Kevin’s’ email address considering they already sent him an email. That’s like asking for someone’s number after you’ve called them. And even Kevin would assume that they have some sort of system in place to track where their cars are rented out. This rental company should only be asking one of these questions, namely the fourth. That is the only question that is of any value to them.

These types of handcrafted surveys are often under-engineered and any feedback gathered is both poor and handled poorly. There are two things you should never waste, your customer’s time and money.