Growing Brand Loyalty

When a customer becomes committed to one specific brand, they are brand loyal. They become the promoters of your company’s brand and products. They exclusively purchase from your brand, often not taking into consideration offers from your competitors. Creating brand loyalty doesn’t have any “Top 10 Weird Tricks” or easy solutions. Brand loyalty requires focused effort, patience and a driven commitment to provide your customers with the best possible experience. Brand loyal customers are the perfect customers. The tricky part is knowing how to grow them into brand loyal customers.

Brand loyalty occurs with companies that are customer-centric. These companies actively work towards creating promoters for their products and their brand. Look at brands such as Zappos, the king of creating brand loyalty. Their focus on appeasing customers seem to have no limits with the amount of time and money they spend on them. They do not visibly spend anything on marketing campaigns, choosing to focus their effort towards appeasing their customers and building their brand from the ground up, through happiness and loyalty. They provide a legitimate reason for their loyal customers to come back, time and time again.

When starting your journey to grow brand loyalty, start with your best customers. Yes, yes… your sales department is important as well, but having them work in perfect synergy with your customer service department will drive your brand upwards and forwards, and eventually you will reap the hard earned rewards of brand loyalty through sales. Exceeding any and all expectations of your customer is an effective way to have them come back again for their next purchase. Positively surprising customers, showing that you actually care and appreciate their business works wonders through word-of-mouth marketing. When the time comes, and you’ve mucked up something and the complaint comes thundering through the phone, Facebook page or Twitter feed, act accordingly and apologise.

Treat your customer feedback like you would the cries of your own baby. Figure out how to make their lives easier through developing better products, services and drive your industry forwards through innovation. Your brand means nothing if you cannot deliver on the hype. View your competitors as the bottom line. If you reach the bottom line, you are no better than them. Whatever they do, aim to outperform them in every conceivable way. Brand loyalty does not happen without reason, and your goal is to provide your customers with a reason to be loyal. One act surpassing your customer’s expectation might go viral, and your one act of caring might translate into a free marketing campaign worth millions. But it’s important to take note, one poorly handled complaint could also go viral and stain your brand for years to come.