Case Study: How Trouva used Sorries to get social media love

Have you heard of Trouva? Grazia called it “Your new online treasure trove” and it is an awesome online shop that lets you shop 150 of UK’s best independent boutiques all in one place. It has been called Trouva loves their customers, but is also smart enough to know that sometimes human and/or computer error cannot be avoided. That’s life. That’s also why Trouva partnered with Sorry as a Service to make sure that if the inevitable happens, their customers know that they are important and loved.

Since December, Trouva has been sending personalized delights to their customers that have experienced anything but exceptional customer service. Why? Because a handwritten note or a personalized cookie can express “I’m sorry” much better than an email ever could.

People not only stayed as customers, but they also expressed their gratitude via social media by sharing photos and kind words.

For example, Emily Tweeted her appreciation for the medium of the apology:

Gustavo Facebook’ed his plans to stay as a loyal customer:

Alice got excited about the cookie she received when Trouva didn’t have what she was looking for:

And Shavonne voiced her shock for such great customer service:

A whooping 18% of customers who received personalized delights from Trouva responded back to the company through social media and email. And here at Sorry as a Service we call that mission accomplished.

Moral of the story?

Don’t just say sorry. Show your sorry and what could easily be angry rants and lost customers can turn into a whole ‘lotta lovin’ on social media.