Case Study: BT and Customer Love

Sorry as a Service is excited! Why? Because we have just partnered with one of the biggest names in the UK - BT.

Yes, that’s right, we are now helping BT with their executive level complaints and delighting their customers with individualised sorries, thank yous, happy birthday and more. Not only do we think that we have a lot to add to BT’s customer service, but we also think that their values of innovation and being there for the customers is exactly what we’re all about. BT is a really exciting organisation to be working together with.

Dan Ballin, BT Innovation Executive: “BT invests heavily in providing a high quality customer service, but very occasionally things can go wrong. And when they do it is important for us to apologise to our customers and for them to see it is a heartfelt apology. This is why BT is excited to be working with Sorry as a Service.”

Since December, we’ve already had time to hear some great feedback from BT customers, just like this one: