We’ll help your customers fall in love with you

Send personalised delights through the post to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and retention.

How does Sorry as a Service work?

Delivering surprises for some of the world’s most customer centered companies

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Say it like a human

Your customers aren’t robots. Neither are you. Engage and retain your customers with personalised delights delivered straight to their mailboxes.

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How are our customers using our platform?

See how we helped:

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“BT invests heavily in providing a high quality customer service, but very occasionally things can go wrong. And when they do it is important for us to apologise to our customers and for them to see it is a heartfelt apology. This is why BT is excited to be working with Sorry as a Service. ”
Dan Ballin, BT Innovation Executive
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How does it work?

Basically magic. And some amazing technology working behind the scenes to make sending gifts actually as easy as clicking a button.

Set up and design

Set up and design

We help to craft and choose delights that are adapted to your brand and engage customers in the right way.

Integrate us

Integrate us

Either use our Chrome or Firefox Extension to send delights from right within your CRM, or automate the process using our API.

We distribute

We distribute

Select the delight and enter a message and we will package and post the surprise to over 150 countries.

“In a digital world, people are not used to receiving something physical in the mail. The impact has been amazing for our relationships in Viasat”.
Helen Ilumäe, Customer Service Specialist, Viasat Estonia

A “WOW!” at every step of the customer journey

Bring life to your customer relationships. Every stage of the cycle is a new opportunity to boost engagement and leave a lasting impression.

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Show your customers they’re not just a number. Send them a physical gift as soon as they sign up and give them a taste of what’s to come.

customer lifecycle thank you

Thank you

What better way to say “Thank you! You rock!” than one of our personalised delights? And guess what? You may just receive a “You’re welcome!” in the form of social media love.

customer lifecycle congrats


Be there for your customers in every occasion. Their cousin Jack may have forgotten their birthday. But you didn’t.

customer lifecycle recover


We’re human, and sometimes “uh-oh’s” happen. Maybe some flowers in their mailbox can make sorry the easiest word?

Martin McGloin, CEO at Sorry as a Service

“We’re helping companies engage emotionally with customers through personalised and physical surprises ”

Martin McGloin, CEO at Sorry as a Service

Sorry as a Service strives to merge digital and physical experience for customers into one unified.
Sorry as a Service is number 1 of 10 Estonian startups to look out for in 2016
Sorry as a Service was started by an Estonian, a Latvian and a Norwegian with Irish roots
Sabine Sipunova, COO at Sorry as a Service

Get a personal live demo

Sabine, our COO, will give you a 15 min personal demo of Sorry as a Service.

You will get

  • A walkthrough of our award winning platform
  • Best practice learnings from our case studies and A/B experiments
  • Consultation on how physical delights can boost your KPIs
  • Sorry as a Service set up tailored to your goals
You will also get to send your first delight for free!